Aguet Bior Ajang: “I Have Been Waiting for this Day”

Aguet Bior Ajang: “I Have Been Waiting for this Day”

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By Aleko Aguer

Eight years ago, Aguet Bior Ajang, a 28 years old lady from Kongor, Twic East County, and Chol Gatluak Deng, a 40 years old gentleman from Hol, Duk County, met and fall in love in Juba, South Sudan.

Recho-ma-pro-final-22Aguet and Chol are both SPLA soldiers and due to their busy schedules, they couldn’t make it to arrange their wedding in time. Aguet was later blessed with a daughter who is 6 years old now before they officially married. Still, the baby didn’t stop them from their dream wedding.

On the 28th of March, 2015, Aguet and Chol fulfilled their long dream by bringing together these two great communities of Kongor, Twic East County and Hol of Duk County all from Jonglei State into blissful
celebration of their wedding in Juba.

The day was marked with beautiful traditional songs of praises, local dances and ululations. It was a surprise for everyone to witness their wedding because it’s not common among the Dinka community to wed after everyone knows the pregnancy, let alone when the baby is as old as Amach, their beautiful daughter.

“Patience pays. We have been waiting for each other without losing hope knowing that a day like this will come, “said Aguet.

Recho-ma-pro-final-21There are some love characteristics that attracts everyone in their own ways in every relationship and for Aguet, she described her husband as a loving man. “He knows how to care for me. He’s honest, realistic, hardworking and handsome,” she smiled On a closing speech, Aguet’s father expressed his gratitude to his son-in-law.

“After Chol impregnated my daughter, people used to say, ‘your son-in-law has disrespected you’ then I
replied to them that no, he doesn’t know me before and we are not age-mate because I knew it that one day, I will give them to each other officially like today”, said Bior-warjok.




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