A Widow Employed 150 Women in Her Farm

A Widow Employed 150 Women in Her Farm

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By Daniel Majack Kuany – Juba

One Arm Widow, Samira Deng Chan Kon, employed 150 women in a farm, in Biem Nhom county of Unity State. Samira’s acknowledgement got her an award as the outstanding female agriculturalist by the federation of Business and professional women; it came in commemoration of International Women Day last month for them to support women achievements in political- economical in South Sudan.

Samira the mother of five children told Real Woman Magazine that her husband died as an SPLA (Jamous) division leaving her to pick up the responsibilities alone.

“I lost my husband during the liberation struggle leaving me no option apart from starting farming as the only way to rise and educated the siblings and I had the idea of farming for quite a longtime and I tried enough to do it.” She noted

Recho-ma-pro-final-28Samira believes farming can unite the families, communities and neighbors leave alone the source of food to the members hence food insecurity in the state.

Widow Samira said, that her farming sector is predominately for cultivating vegetables crops among others sustainable farming due to high demand of vegetables product by people.
“My farms have helped a lot of people, organizations, families because everybody needs to have their meal cream with vegetables,” widow Samira stress She explained that the full establishment of the farms starts in 2008 and people stop transporting vegetables, fruits from neighboring Sudan Samira farming earned her recognition within the country as well across the globe where she travels to many countries to learn multiple skills of technical knowhow.
“I went to New York in 2010 to attend world women conference as well Egypt in 2013 and China and gave speech on my farming scale because they need to know what I do. I have been able to learned many skills and also meet many women entrepreneurs around the world. The visits to Gunzoosu province in China inform me that women can do serious businesses and can manage industries. I interact with many women managers and they gave me their contacts and promise us to be visiting them every five years. We were given some money to increase our activities.”

Samira main reason for farming is to provide food to her children as well to sell the vegetables which enable her to pay school fees, health services, and clothing among others. “I also use farming to create job
opportunity to fellow women so that they can get some piasters at the end of the month as well get some
product for their family’s sauces”. She narrated saying, Biem Nhom County has good River water and for this water resource I thought on how to utilize the River, which foster the activity in the county.

“I wish the present of peace in the country so that many people join me in agriculture and through farming we can eliminate food insecurity in the country. In Biem Nhom, the Union of Women association and Shaab
Wayet (one people) compose of financial constraint of Sudan schools certificates student get inspired.”

The involvement of Norwegian people aids (NPA) in 2009 where they gave me sum of money to buy water pump generator, and seeds while other organizations provided necessary mechanize tools.
Samira felt thankful to the former National Minister of Gender, Child and social welfare, Mama Agnes Lasu who help her and other Women across the ten states of South Sudan. Samira mentions that, the most challenging problem is insecurity because we work deeply in the bush. Transport for transportation of vegetables to other neighboring states.

Samira appeals to all the women in South Sudan not only to depend and wait from their husbands even if your husband could be a minister; there will be times he will be remove in the position because ministerial positions are not permanent or one hand cannot clap.

This can be done by embracing small-scale business Samira said through all this struggle alone she mange to educate her children where one of her daughters graduated from the university, two daughters are to finished their Sudan schools certificate in Khartoum this month as well her son is studying his University in Cairo Egypt while the last born is in high school(boarding) In Uganda Kampala.

The federation of Business and professional women awarded achievements to women that are outstanding in doing small business like tea selling business, water tank business, catering services as well women involved in Big business like food stuff importers, food stuff suppliers, hardware shop and women like Governor Nyandeng Malek, Julia Aker Duany the first female Vice chancellor of Dr. John Garang University-Bor among others.

In the category of small business were Jackline Dimitri, Mary Deng Majok Bagat, Yar Kur Wel, Nyandeng
Gordon Ajawin, Ayam Mahmood Ajak, Amal, Bol Garang, Flora Samuel Philip, Aluel among others. While in the category of the Big business who were awards were Yar Manoh Majok, Rita Daniel Ali Mohammed, Anna Yom Gideon, Asunta Mario Wol, Samira Deng Chan for having employed nearly 150 women in agricultural farms in (Biem Nhom) Unity State.



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