April 2015

April 2015

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Editor’s Note

Welcome back our esteemed readers to the third issue of the Real Woman Magazine. We hope that you had enjoyed our first two issues. In this third issue marking the Easter holiday, we have come with delightful stories and interviews featuring the “Real Women” of Junub Thudan.

Our cover story is an enchanting story of a young dreamer, the 20-year-old Rebecca Akuol from Jonglei, who is eagerly waiting to join the university this year with an interest to

becoming a lawyer.

Our reporter Parach Mach has a riveting story featuring South Sudanese model, Atong DeMach, who has joined up with Japanese humanitarian agency, JICA, to clean up the city of Juba.

Our chief correspondent from Kenya, Achan Agei, has an informative article on solving gender issues at the work places. Dhieu William retold one of the stories he narrated on International Women’s Day concerning one of his female classmate who inspired him in his youth.

The third issue also feature women in politics, agriculture and even in male-dominated fields such as mechanics in the streets of Juba city.

Our “Real Woman” in this third issue is Iboyi Mary from Iboto village, Eastern Equatoria state, who was abducted by the LRA soldiers at the age of eleven in 2000 from Hatire Payam of Ikwoto County in Eastern Equatoria state. She is now struggling to cope with life after 14 years in the LRA captivity.

On behalf of the Real Woman Magazine, I would like to thank all our wonderful supporters and advertisers in this issue, in particular, the South Supreme Airlines. We hope to share with you more of our “Real Women” in the fourth issue of the Real Woman magazine. I wish you all the best this Easter holiday wherever you are across the globe.

Enjoy the third issue of our prized magazine. Stay blessed and have a great Easter season Junubiin. Shukran!!

Makwei Deng


Real Woman Magazine.


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