Jealousy in a relationship

Jealousy in a relationship

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One evening, as we were coming from work, my husband and I decided to pass by a neighboring shop to buy stuff for home. The shop had a female shop attendant.

“Why is the shop attendant being so polite with u?” I asked.

“Have you hit on her before that you cannot say any­thing to her right now because am with you? I asked again.

The next incident happened the day we decided to have lunch at Home and Away. “You just smiled at the wait­ress! Yes I caught you doing that right now, “I am sure you have fallen for her and you will keep on coming back here for her,” I yelled at my man.

He politely says he is not hitting on the waitress but only smiled back at her after she smiled at him.

The other one is whenever I call him and he does not pick up on the first three rings, I just hold my fingers stiff and bite my lips while thinking to myself; “Could it be another cute lady that is stopping him from answer­ing my phone calls? They could probably be involved in a much deeper conversation”.

I can mention but I can’t finish all the times I acted jealous when am with my man. I do love my man and I know that he loves me too, but our love life has been go­ing this way and I think it is time I changed and started a new life with him without jealousy at all.

real or imagined. Women with such behavior may end up encouraging their men to turn to another woman for solace.

One psychologist writes that you have more power in your Love, Respect, Personality and Magnetism than you do in controlling your man. I have come to say it works perfectly for me since I started putting it in practice.

A woman cannot make a man come home but a woman can make a man want to come back home as soon as he is through with work.

Consequences of jealousy

  • Resentment
  • Increased lack of trust
  • More arguments
  • Desire of revenge
  • Constant questioning
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • End of relationship
“You just smiled at the waitress! Yes I caught you doing that right now, “I am sure you have fallen for her and you will keep on coming back here for her,”

How to control your jealousy

  1. Recognize why you are jealous. A man rarely goes out of his way to make his woman feel jealous. Instead couples feel jealous as a result of be­ing insecure about their relationship.
    In most cases, low self-esteem also leads to one being jealous in a rela­tionship so it is wise for one to build up Confidence and Respect in them­selves.
    Whenever you feel a bag of jealousy in you, try to find out the root cause. You find most probably that solving jealousy as a problem may involve changing something if not a lot about you.
  2. Quit comparing. In most cases, women compare themselves to other girls or women that are known by their men or to whatever girl that speaks to their men. You should not let your man’s exes or his female friends dominate your mind or make you feel insecure, your husband can like you regardless of how other women are.
    Remember acting jealously does not help but only makes a relationship worse, especially if it changes the way you act around your partner. Stop those negative thoughts before you ruin your good relationship.


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