Her talents, her money

Her talents, her money

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Aliya makes the best of her talent to become financially self-reliant

By: Cholxok Maliet

Women are blessed with different talents and skills. What matters is how we use them. We become bet­ter in life when we use our talents smartly. One such person who has utilized her talents and skills smart­ly is 35-year-old Aliya Yahia Suliman; a professional teacher and baker.

Aliya is married with one child. She has been a teacher for eight years and a baker for five years. Aliya who lives in Konyokonyo, has made the best of her talents.

It was after experiencing delays in her teaching sala­ry that Aliya decided to make the best of her baking skills. She makes cakes, cookies and biscuits.

“I realised that the government money is not enough and it also delays. Yet for one to buy the things she needs in life; she must be independent by having her own business.”

page40bThe 35-year old teacher of Juba Girls’ Secondary School adds that she then decided to put to profit­able use the ample time she had in the evening after school.

“I realized that coming back home in the evening after teaching was not helping, that is why I started making cakes at home,” she says.

Initially, Aliya sold cakes outside her house, but her business has grown and she now supplies some retailers and makes special cakes for weddings.

“I make good money, not just monthly but daily. I now bake cakes and take them to the shops. Sometimes I can make up to SSP2000, when I get an order for a wedding cake.”

Much as she makes quite good money, Aliya has not started banking because of the competing needs that take up all her profits.

“The money doesn’t reach the bank because I have my siblings in universities and I am helping them in paying their fees,” she explains.

Nonetheless, the cake business has changed her life a lot, especially by making her financially indepen­dent.

“I have got the money I need in my house and I can buy anything anytime. I don’t wait for my hus­band to bring me money. It has also helped me to help others who are in need,” she says.

Aliya has mastered how to balance her teaching job, baking business and family chores. “I come home from work at 1:30 pm; make my lunch and start baking my cakes. I always buy my cake-making ingredients early, and then I work on them in the evening.”

Being organized has helped her to minimize challenges in her work. “When you are organized and you know how to share your time, life becomes easy and that’s what I am doing. I have divided my time well.”

She has also managed to acquire some modern cake and biscuit making machines.

“I saw that technology on television and I asked myself, “Aliya can you try it?” And I got myself doing it.”

Aliya hopes to improve on her savings so that she can expand her business.

“In the next five years, I see myself as a big businesswoman, with my own cake shop,” she says confidently.

Aliya offers some advice to other women, especially those who are jobless. “My advice to them is that they should try to do business. Business will help you to pay your children’s school fees, help your husband with some family needs and keep you busy not to have bad thoughts.”

You can order cakes from Aliya on 0921101613.



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